Toy storage solutions for small space

Toy Storage Solutions in a Small Room

Best shoe storage ideas

Beautiful Shoe Storage Ideas

July 13, 2019 Storage Ideas

Underbed Storage Shoe Organizer

A large collection of shoes can become be a disaster in the bottom of your closet. Even a host of suitable shoes, you can take up a lot of space you need in wardrobe. Uses the spaces underbed storage and the use of containers storing low profile to keep your shoes organized and close at hand. Purchase a plastic container for storage under the bed with wheels in store household items as Home mart or Wal-Mart. The length and height of the tray are not as important as the width; the tray should not exceed 46 cm wide. It should come with a lid that opens from both ends.

Purchase Drawer separators. You will need four to five per box. The separators must expand at least 46 cm. Gather your shoes and place them in the plastic box, putting couples together in parallel to the width. Determines how many pairs you can put a box for underbed storage.

Empty the box again. Evenly placed spacer’s drawer in the underbed storage container. Replace the pairs of shoes, one pair for each section. Place the lid on the container and rudely under the bed.

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