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July 13, 2019 Frames

Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames

Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames-Under this full length mirror it is made with reclaimed wood. The recovered from an old door found in a floor drain, and thus door mirror is passed as wood usable unusable best and pretty so you will see wonderfully in your house.

The return to reclaimed wood picture frames action had its process: start applying a Antarctica treatment and once destroyed the Minnaminnie, if reclaimed can bring and can ┬ácut wood to fit the mirror, in this case 70×189 cm, as it was commissioned by a shoe to be head to toe.

Decapitates gun leaving some remains of the original painting of doors, and then assemble the parts, reclaimed wood picture frames varnished and put the mirror with silicone. The tattooed number of this piece is witness its uniqueness; The result is a nice reflection of recycling Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames.

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