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July 23, 2019 Home Ideas

Making Electric Fireplace with Mantel

Electric fireplace with mantel – Tablecloth independent electric fireplaces offer a flexible, comfortable and attractive decorating a room addition. They are available in different wood finishes such as oak, cherry, walnut and mahogany. Stone and brick finishes are also available. These electric fireplaces show a realistic fire scene without a real fire. They are unventilated and smokeless. Many models provide the option of a heatless fire scene. A flat screen TV can be mounted on top of a ledge independent electric fireplace without the worry of excessive heat.

Electric fireplace with mantel can quickly transform your fireplace into the focal point of the room. Fireplace mantels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but a floating fireplace is one of the most aerodynamic designs. If you intend to build a large mantle, a floating blanket is a good design choice because it is not as ornate as to appear exaggerated. If you prefer a more decorated look, add strips of decorative elements for your fireplace completed.

Electric fireplace with mantel, measure the width of the fireplace with a tape measure. Add 20 to 30 inches to this measurement to determine the length of the mantelpiece. The more inches you add, the higher your fireplace will. Cut a piece of wood 2 by 4 inches with a circular saw with the given length. This card will serve as support for his mantelpiece. You will build the shelf frame hardwood and attach it to the piece of wood 2 by 4 inches.

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