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July 12, 2019 Living Room Ideas

Living Rooms Ideas Fish Tank

A fish tank can bring an element of nature inside and is a proven method for reducing stress. Reap these benefits while enhancing the decor of your living rooms ideas. The table fish tank café serves a dual role and occupies a central place in the space of your living rooms ideas. These fully functional coffee tables have a full outer glass top, so it is easy to see the fish while enjoying your morning coffee. Available shapes include square, round, hexagonal, octagonal and tables. If you are handy, you can build your own. Column fish tanks provide living rooms ideas with floor to ceiling aquatic decor.

These tanks can be octagonal, square and have a pedestal base and lid. Use a tank column to decorate a corner of your living room, perhaps to replace the more traditional clock foot. Draw visual interest to your living room with a tank column placed at each end of a shelf library.  If you have a very large living room, use several tanks column along the living room instead of traditional Greek-style columns. In order to achieve an effect of 360 degrees, skip the background paper-water theme for live plants, coral and colored lights inside the tank.

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