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July 23, 2019 Living Room Design

Living Room Designs for Small Spaces

Living room designs for small spaces – The living room is one of the important rooms in the house because it is where most often, hence the name. Most living rooms should be multifunctional and have enough to fit comfortably across space family and visitors. This is easy if you have a large room. Choose the right color paint. The colors of paint can transform a room dramatically. Small rooms should be painted with cool tones like gray, blue or green. Grey is a neutral color and gorgeous looks great in living rooms because it matches any scheme of colors.

Living room designs for small spaces choose furniture dual function. An ottoman or coffee table with hidden storage place is a good idea to hide piles of DVD. An entertainment center with bookshelves included allows you to show some decorative treasures, without introducing an independent library in a small space.

Living room designs for small spaces create a large focal point. Using a large element seems contrary to decorating a small place, but adds a touch of style without feeling crowded. Place a large piece of art is much better than placing several small, which only serve to create a sense of disorder.

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