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Silver Pillar Candle Holders

July 9, 2019 Candle Holder

Iron Candle Holders with A Thousand Forms

Many flames spread to the living room, small nests of light that heat and light. And then moving riposting and, from the table to the floor, from the shelf to the table, thanks to the iron candle holders that embellish the already majestic beauty of the candles.

The metal bends and turns, and iron candle holders take dozens of different souls. From simple arm candle holder, candle holders to elaborate iron openwork and embroidered projecting on the walls flickering play of light and shadows. Or even, candle holder iron mo ‘jar, the perfect environment for a little’ vintage somewhat Bohol – also easy to do by hand, with DIY.

Fine ferrous intertwining to form delicate leaves, cones painted white and decorated glass to embellish environments Scandia, iron candleholder pickled cream, for stays liberty and intimate. Perfect for warm yellow tones with an evening in the garden or on the terrace in the moonlight, the iron candle holders are the romantic accessory par excellence, to be moved and rispostare, to turn the light magic of each room.

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