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July 18, 2019 Table Ideas

How to Padded Table Protector

Tablecloths adorn tables have all sizes for a good part of the story. Many people are surprised to learn that the tablecloths were used throughout France and Italy. Keep tables clean and presentable was a priority for hundreds of years. Along with these tablecloths comes the need to protect the table below. Padded table protector is essential for the preservation of the dining table. Make a table protector is a practical project to carry out.

Measure you’re quilted according to adjusted measurements table. A standard yard is 44 by 36 inches. Cut the fabric to its padded table protector as measured by adjusted table. Cut 4 by 4 square inches on each corner. Turn the fabric to the wrong side, and pin the two edges of each corner cut each other, forming four diagonal lines set.

Fold sewn by 1 inch and sew edges, forming housing for elastic around the upper edge of the protective board, leaving a 3-inch opening for feeding through the elastic. Cut a piece of elastic that measures half the measurement around the entire table. Use a pin for fixing one end of the elastic fabric, within the housing. Connect a second pin up to another other end of the rubber.

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