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July 4, 2019 Home Decor

How to Install Led Crown Molding Rope

LED rope lighting is a flexible, thin strip of LED lights that can be installed almost anywhere. They are essentially an updated version for the whole year of traditional Christmas lights. An ideal location for the rope lighting is long crown molding. They provide excellent ambient lighting without being intrusive. With a few simple tools and an hour of time, any do-it-yourselfer can install led crown molding rope.

Education to install led crown molding rope: measure the length of the crown molding to cover. If possible, buy a rope that will cover the entire distance without the need to connect two ropes together. Use a hammer to nail rounded head clamps. Only hammer them in half, so the space available for flow in the LED rope. For a draped look, space them about 16 cm away. For a closer look at the fusion, space them about 8ft away.

Slide the light pipe in the clip and hammer the clip the rest of the way into the crown molding. Finally, to install led crown molding rope, connect the light in an extension that matches the color of the wall and then plug the cord into a standard outlet. Turn on the lights to test.

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