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July 14, 2019 Living Room Decoration

How to Decorate a Living Room

On this occasion, we will see how to decorate a living room. After painting the walls with a warmer color (beige), we will create a frieze with sackcloth. This fabric’s going to paint for a personal touch and also will place new furniture that will achieve a pleasant atmosphere. A decoration simple with convert an old bedroom in a warm living room.

Tools: roller, brush, telescopic handle, bucket grid, stapler, scissors. While the materials: plastic paint, masking tape, brown paper, sackcloth, dm slats, adhesive erecting.

Step by step how to decorate a living room is the first empty the entire room. Before painting the walls, prepare them so that they are in good condition. The color chosen to decorate the living room will be light beige which gives you a nice warm touch to the room.

The next step is to create a frieze with sackcloth. Then we will place a few strips of adhesive mounting DM in all corners or late sackcloth. After that, create stripes of color on the frieze. Then paint with a roller.

To finish how to decorate a living room, place new furniture, a few paintings on the wall, some new curtains and other accessories that will keep the stay very warm and welcoming.

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