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July 15, 2019 Storage Ideas

How to Build Under Stair Storage

Sets the address you will use to better access. Heavy find the walls and tables assembly. You can open one side of the sector under stair storage or drawers as storage space is at hand for daily or use, if you enter the area around the back, to create a similar cupboard space. Side access to your storage space is useful in the basement or ground floor. Remove the wall, taking care to avoid the tables.

If you have to remove the studs, be sure to add one of reinforcement either side of the opening, as well as a head (or two-by-four across the top of the new pillars) to frame your openings shelves or drawers. Create brackets for drawers or shelves using these frames, matching the development along the wall of the under stair storage and supports.

Cupboard stairs, out the back entrance, provides space for storing tools and supplies in the basement. Shelf brackets mounted on the side rails of the ladder and supports the shelves on them. A board installed on the sides for hanging tools and support brackets for deeper shelves. A door at the rear of the ladder keep small outside. Build sliding drawers, shelves and storage containers built under stair storage, depending on the use you give it to space.

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