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July 16, 2019 Candle Holder

Easy Create Candle Chandelier Non Electric

For holiday season we turn to any resource to make our home look divine. One of decorative elements that we use is lighting candles, although use of this idea to simulate candle chandelier non electric with wiring allows us to keep them on for longer, without risk of fire.

We will need a small electrical installation for each sailing, including cable, plug, switch (if wanted), bulb holder and small focus, low consumption, teardrop-shaped, and a metal tube or hose to pass rigid glass cable and keep it upright. We can acquire all these elements into an electronics store and lighting. We also need a cardboard tube (such as roll paper towels), EVA white, a wooden base to keep candle upright and white acrylics and butter. If you want, you can use putty to model, or cold porcelain to give a more noticeable appearance under sail of candle chandelier non electric.

It only remains to assemble electrical equipment, and pass cable through tube into carton and core drilling. We adhere candle chandelier non electric to wooden base and decorate with Christmas wreaths, bells and ribbons Christmas decorations. And we list a power and very special candle to decorate our home.

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