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July 12, 2019 Living Room Color

Creative Green Living Room

Green living room is a difficult color that is not always good. There is only good if it blends perfectly and right shade is chosen. Green of these walls is a dull green but not dark so invites relaxation and gives freshness. To avoid overloading atmosphere of those extras such as sofas, armchairs, lamps etc, you have to avoid overloading white green and bring freshness, Curtains and cushions with a somewhat bolder green. Combined total of all colors gives result to a room with fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

To give a touch of summer freshness and get your room has a holiday spirit, nothing better than to mix several shades of green. Gentle and light, green living room makes it easy to dare to variations! Opt for a painting “anise” on walls of kitchen and show partiality your creativity and give room a unique cleaning effect.

Whether to avoid “total look”, with green do not have no fear! To accentuate “natural” effect so sought after in big cities, uses and abuses of plants, vegetation, expressive bouquets … Remember also bumper flowery prints. Caution: before painting green living room, remember long nights of winter … This color, particularly summer, you get tired once sun has gone.

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