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Floor Tiles Design for Living Room Ideas

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July 22, 2019 Living Room Design

Best Living Room Design Ideas

Bring the outdoors in this living room design ideas. Paint the walls a green moss. Place a plush carpet in dark brown on the floor. A mixture of light and dark in tone woods are ideal for coffee and end tables, entertainment center and any shelf. A sectional sofa covered in beige microfiber is comfortable and welcoming. Cover windows with bamboo curtains. Bring on natural elements such as live plants and glass bowls filled with river rocks. For wall art, hang an earthy, such image as a waterfall or gully.

If a country style appeals to you decorate your living room design ideas with country design elements. Set the stage by painting the walls a warm red or yellow. Antiqued, whitewashed wicker furniture or help bring the country element in this space. To sit, bring a large armchair and sofa covered cheap cotton or a pattern of large flowers. Built in bookcase or dresser antiqued is an ideal storage option in this space. Plantation shutters or wood vertical blinds are two options for window coverings. Finish the look by accessorizing with wrought iron candle sticks, ceramic bowls, landscape paintings and chenille throw blankets.

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